Our Services

A. Design & Creative Department

We provide design team to help our client for their cover & Label artwork design and Offers them a suite of innovative and diverse packaging sollutions; providing you with a competitive marketing edge.

Customised Design for Packaging :

B. Pre-Mastering

Before the replication process begins we need to create a disc image on suitable disc format. For that we had our own pre-mastering studio for pre-mastering services under Lens Video Art to ensure the security of our client’s master. Our pre-mastering studio also provide services such as Audio PreMastering, VCD/DVD Editing & Encoding, DVD Authoring , Subtitling & Dubbing.

The first step of the replication process begins with the source data (in various formats) and creating a disc image on suitable tape or disc format. Utilising the lates equipement and technology, our professional sound and video engineers have the expertise to provide you with the premastering capabilities you require; enhancing both sound and image to your specifications. Digital Media Technology and its group maintain its own premastering studio for premastering services to ensure the security of our customer's masters.
Available services are for Audio Premastering, VCD Encoding, DVD Encoding and Authoring. 

C. Glass Mastering

The Mastering involves laser beam recording on an optical bench, which has a stationary lens mount and optical path.

D. CD / DVD Replication

Information is injected into plastic disc, with which stampers are fitted into the injection moldings machine within the replication line for pressing.

E. CD / DVD Offset & Screen Printing

 F. CD / DVD Box

We provide a wide range selection of CD / DVD box

G. Paper Printing Facilty >> UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!

H. Packaging Services

We have a wide range of automated high-speed packaging machines pack the disc into various available casings.and also we have a sizable team of qualified packers who are able to provide 24 hours turn around service